Cosmology on Trial: Cracking down the Cosmic Code


Cosmology on Trial introduces readers to unexplained and unsolved mysteries of the universe, without complex jargon. The author’s approach is “Just the facts please. Show me the evidence.” Current ideas of cosmology lack verifiable data. In spite of this, they masquerade as relevant theories and compete for greater elegance like beauty pageant contestants. Physicists still do not fully understand Gravity, the most common force in nature. Newtonian physics, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and String Theory have still not proven whether Gravity is a wave, a graviton particle, or even a fabric of spacetime. Gravity is not even included in the Standard Model of Physics, although it is ubiquitous.

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Can today’s cosmology be taught as scientific, if 96% of the matter and energy in the universe still remains a mystery?

Cosmology On Trial examines present models of the universe like an attorney in a court of law. Bestselling author Pierre St Clair (Vaiyasaki dasa) digs behind the headlines to update the public about the current crisis in physics

• NASA physicists admit that 96% of the matter and energy in the universe is a mystery

• Can today’s cosmology be complete if science only understands 4% of the universe?

• The most important initiative in physics which scientists ignore

• The five biggest myths of cosmology are not supported by observation or data

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