Color Guide to Govardhana Hill


A photo guide about many holy tirthas scattered around Govardhana Hill in the heart of Vraja Dhama. Includes a map of Govardhana Parikrama.

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Sinking into the ground by the measurement of one mustard seed everyday, the beautiful Govardhana Hill, India’s most sacred mountain, will in the next few thousand years completely disappear from the vision of this world.

This pilgrim’s guidebook to Govadhana Hill explains the spiritual significance of the many holy sites around the hill. It will bring you to over 60 places of interest and has 200 colorful photographs.

Whether you’re exploring the temples and kundas (lakes) around the hill or simply desire to know more about Govardhana Hill, this guidebook will give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of each place.

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