Cocoa & Nut Balls


A combination of roasted cocoa beans and crunchy walnut pieces here is a pleasure with the Knusperkick.

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Ingredients: Dates* 55.5%, Cashews* 9% , Hazelnut * 9%, roasted cocoa beans *, Cocoa powder*, Coconut oil*

* Certified Organic

Govinda’s Natural Food :
Sweet and yet healthy! Not prohibit, but about making things better alternative. Namely sweets can taste good without artificial ingredients and also healthy. The ingredients of this sweet collection are full of energy. After this very basic principle of Govinda’s Organic Foods produced different types of sweets, offering far more than just pleasure, our goal is to strengthen the mental and physical health of people through natural food and in this way to a soul to Ayurveda physically contribute to balanced constitution. According to Ayurveda, these sweets seem Dosha Balancing and are therefore suitable for all palates.

The pure energy of the cocoa :
Govinda offers a new alternative for those who have so far avoided chocolate products chocolate balls – made from whole cocoa beans and sweetened only with the finest dried fruit. The carefully fermented and roasted cocoa beans are slightly soft in a patented process broken up and carefully processed. All ingredients are checked to ensure their quality. In the production of the sweets there is no heat supplied, so that the valuable content of the cocoa beans are fully maintained.

Cocoa beans – the brown gold :
Cocoa beans contain important bitter substances and are rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and zinc.
Your protein and carbohydrates make up the nutritional value of cocoa beans. Tannins, flavors, organic acids and especially the theobromine are responsible for their taste and offer the treat. Those who like happy feels like freshly in love, is delighted with the high content of phenylethylamine

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