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A new two-hour DVD from ISKCON Television (ITV) lets viewers in on highlights from the annual “Guru Seminar” held at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK, wherein presenters Kripamoya Dasa, Srutidharma Dasa and Sitarama Dasa explain the process of selecting a guru in modern ISKCON.

ITV Director Nrsimhananda Dasa feels that the DVD will give prospective disciples around the world some understanding of the subject, while also encouraging them to take Bhaktivedanta Manor’s course or the still-under-development international equivalent.

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Iskcon has developed its own methodologies of helping an aspiring disciple determine his/her personal guru within its society. No where is that process more developed than in Iskcon U.K., and a yearly seminar at Bhaktivedanta Manor is offered to students interested in finding an Iskcon guru for themselves. Veteran devotees Kripamoya, Sruti Dharma, and Sitaram das’ guide a two hour seminar (2009) for a room full of inquisitive seekers. There is much “teacher/student” interaction, questions, etc. Though the presenters do not pretend to represent “official” Iskcon positions, the information offered is mostly standardized throughout the Iskcon “world.” Informative, provocative, challenging guidance.

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