Chakram – The Voice from an Ancient World


The songs, chants and mantras on this album will uplift, empower and protect you. they have been chosen for their time-tested effect and the author suggests to listen to them carefully with your inner heart.

This album will certainly transports you to another, more serene and mysterious world.


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There was once an empire that stretched from the islands of Greece to the coast of China., For thousands of miles across the ancient world, its noble people rode the well-worn paths over mountains, through grass plains and deep tropical jungles. They met and traded, told stories and discussed ideas of the spirit. They shared a bond of fellowship, whether in the forests of Russia or the Himalayas, Thailand, Cambodia or beyond. Their common tongue was Sanskrit, a language for speaking to gods; their common practise was yoga, the search for ultimate liberation; and the books they mentioned in whispers were known as Vedas. Their magnificent temples still stand, their language still echoes in Gaelic, old Russian and the tongues of India and the east, and we still turn to their wisdom in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.

Beautifully and artistically produced album with amazing songs. Kripamoya Prabhu garanties quality.


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