Career Women – The Violence of Modern Jobs


A civilization, in order to survive, must be successfully transmitted from one generation to the next. Woman plays a very important role in this transmission. She is the first teacher of the child. In that sense, women have always provided the foundational support for civilization. The edifice of our modern society would never have existed if not for the civilizing influence of women upon men.

According to Alpin MacLaren, Women cause men to settle down, and to look to family and security. Women inspire men to achieve in the business world by their moral support and yes, their need to be provided for. Women have trained the boys of each generation to behave in a civilized society. The traditional role women have had in civilization is critical and provides the foundation for everything else. Now, remove that influence and what happens? Look around you and there you will see the answer. According to MacLaren, feminism has pulled the foundation out from under our civilization, by convincing women that in the workforce lies their destiny instead of being wives and mothers. Men are now forced to compete with women at work instead of joining with them in a family. The house where couples live is no longer a home, where children are always cared for and supervised. Men are no longer in a position of sole bread winner and therefore do not have a known and well defined role in the family. They are leaving their families in record numbers every day. Civilization is beginning to crumble rapidly, as crime increases and neighborhoods become nothing but a collection of strangers who do not take care of each other. Children are raising themselves and learning many things from their friends, television, movies and even the internet, that parents should be appalled at.

But since the foundation of our society has been removed, the trend of the “work-orphaned” children continues and accelerates. Gita warned us about this long ago: When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Krsna, the women of the family become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendant of Vrsni, comes unwanted progeny (Bg 1.40). By the evil deeds of those who destroy the family tradition and thus give rise to unwanted children, all kinds of community projects and family welfare activities are devastated (Bg 1.42).

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