Broken Names: A Story of Transformation


While performing his kartika vrata on the slopes of Govardhana hill in 2012, immersing himself in the holy names and thoughts of Krsna, Sacinandana Swami kept his diary , writing down his realizations and reflections, which he aspired to share with his friends all over the world. Things turned out differently for him however as he initially planned and instead of wandering throughout the forests of Vraja, he went on an inner journey, which he conveys in this book via a story.


The title of this book, “Broken Names” was chosen because this book is about the holy name, or more specifically, faith in the holy name. As long as our faith is broken, we can offer only broken names to Krsna. That is painful both for us as well as Him.

In this novel, Visvambara, a devotee from Germany, goes to India to try to mend his broken faith.There he meets two exalted devotees to help him. As the characters interact they transform into what they are meant to become. Who these characters represent becomes clear in the epilogue. Visvambara has questions which all of us have at times. The answers are taken from sacred scriptures and the hope is that the reader will be able to relish the association of the holy name and become firmly fixed in his/her determination to perfect their lives in Krsna consciousness.

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