Brihat Jataka


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Birhat Jatak from time immemorial has been considered as the standard textbook on Astrology. The English translation of Varahamihira`s Brihat Jataka is a monumental work in completing which the difficulties in translating a beautiful, technical and suggestive work in sanskrit had to surmounted by hard labour, profound research and want of adequate expressions.

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Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira is generally considered as one of the best works on the science of Astrology. The author has written a smaller work on astrology known as Laghu Jataka. Hence the present work is styled the Brihat Jataka. Jataka or horoscopy is one of the three sections of Jyotish Sastra. The other two branches are Samhita and Astronomy.

Translated into English by Usha-Shashi, edited and updated by G.K.Goel

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