Brahma Vimohana Memory Game


Revive an ancient story from India through this fascinating game, where memory and rapidity will be your best advantages !


BRAHMA VIMOHANA is a very old story of India which starts by the Yamuna river where a special little boy, named GOPAL, plays with his friends. Suddenly, the calves he is looking after go away, step by step, in the forest direction looking for fresh grass. Seeing the fear of his friends, Gopal decides to take the calves back but can’t find them. After a long time, when he comes back to the Yamuna river, where he left his friends, all of them have disappeared… It is the demigod BRAHMA’s action who wants to contemplate this extraordinary boy…

The purpose of the game is very easy: Find as many families as possible (cowherds and cows) of the same color… To do that, each players has to return 2 cards:
– The returned cards are of the same family, he wins the cards and put them up in front of him. He plays again.
– The returned cards are different, he returns, face down without changing places and it is to another player to play.
Be careful ! If Brahma appears, the player looses a full family and the only way to regain it will be to be the quickest when Gopal will appear…
A simple and fascinating game where memory and rapidity will be your best advantages.

  • For 2 – 6 players
  • Time: Around 15 minutes
  • From 5 – 99 years old

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