Bhavishya Purana Vol.6


The Bhavishya Purana is the eleventh among the 18 Puranas and it contains four parts. The first part contains a description of the genesis, greatness of the deities and worship of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Surya. Second, third and fourth parts describe about the greatness of Shiva, Vishnu and Surya respectively. Like other Puranas, Bhavishya Purana also contains a description of the ancient kings and Chandra and Surya dynasties.
This sixth parts include chapters 184-207 and Madyama Parva chapters 1-5. The specific appeal of this Purana is that it narrates incidents that will occur in the future, as well as accounts that happened in the distant past.

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In this specific volume there is a continuation of elaborate exposition of the auspicious and inauspicious characteristics of men and women, and in the course of this description, there is much information on Vedic physiognomy.

This volume also contains the beginning of an elaborate description of the significance of each of the days of the fortnight, beginning with the first, or pratipada. Of course, there are stories to illustrate whatever is being explained. There is an interesting story of how Lord Brahma’s fifth head has been severe and for what reason.

The Vedic understanding is that the gross body of a living entity is manifested according to the condition of the subtle body and the mind. Thus the conditions of one’s gross body indicates the previous mentality of a person. This process is carried on from one moment to the next. Why does someone have particular body features, and what do they indicate? This is the subtle science that is explained in this volume of the Bhavishya Purana.

Random chapter names:

Duties of brahmanas. Atonements for various faults, Things to be avoided, Vows to be observed. Periods of contamination upon the death of a relative.

The duties of receiving guest and worshiping the brahmanas.

The proper procedures for giving in charity.

Description of sinful activities and their consequences.

The path to the abode of Yamaraj traversed by sinful and pious people.

Interpretation of dreams.

Conversation between Bhisma and Vyasadeva concerning the worship of Surya.

The supreme worship of Surya

The glories of worship of Surya

In Madhyana PArva, there are these starting chapters: The subject matters of the Puranas, Four objectives of human life, The duties of human beings, Creation of the universe, Descriptions of the planetary systems, Description of Jambudvipa. The glories of the brahmanas, the 26 fault to be avoided.

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