Bhakti-Yoga and the Hare Krishna Movement


In this volume, Steven J. Rosen highlights the teachings and history of the Hare Krishna Movement, a modern branch of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. The reader will find elucidation on Vaishnava philosophy and practice, as well as on founder Prabhupada’s life and mission; specific devotees who gave their lives for spreading “Krishna Consciousness,” including pioneering women; the colorful and expressive art that embellishes Prabhupada’s books; and the background of the Hare Krishna Movement’s farm communities, so important for the founder’s vision of “simple living and high thinking.” Vegetarianism, sacred food, mantras, yoga, divine incarnations (avatars) – these are some of the subjects brought to light on these pages. Overall, the modern-day Hare Krishna phenomenon and its background are made accessible and understandable for devotees, students, teachers, and spiritual seekers alike.

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