Bhakti Tattva Viveka (Bhanu Swami)


Chapter One: Analysis of Pure Bhakti

Chapter Two: Analysis of Apparent Bhakti

Chapter Three: Characteristics of Bhakti

Chapter Four: Qualification for Bhakti


Tasting and Preaching Pure Bhakti

O great intimate Vaisnavas! The aim of this assembly of Vaisnavas is tasting bhakti and preaching pure bhakti to the Lord. Therefore first I should discuss the nature of pure bhakti. By that pure discussion two results occur. First, if one understands pure bhakti, ignorance will no longer remain and then one will taste bhakti without any mixture. Secondly, by misfortune, the jiva contacts false philosophies which contaminate the intelligence, which creates a deviation from pure bhakti and makes one develop attraction to false philosophies. By the appearance of pure bhakti, one will be protected from these false philosophies.

– Srila Bhakti Vinoda Thakura.

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