Bhakti Shakti: Goddess of Divine Love


The wisdom goddesses of yoga who embody Shakti, or sacred energy, continue to gain popularity as we become familiar with the ways they help us break through negativity, trauma, and dysfunction to attain self-love, peace, and abundance.

Yet we rarely hear about Sri Radha and her unique position as the primal Shakti because she is hidden deep within the Upanishads, Tantras, and Puranas as their most confi­dential spiritual subject.

Here, for the first time, Sri Radha is revealed. The goddess of divine love not only grants emotional, mental, and physical well-being, but she bestows the spiritual awakening of divine love, our greatest necessity.



Award-winning author and Bhakti pilgrim Pranada Comtois introduces us to charming goddess Radha and through reason and references to the ancient wisdom texts we’re shown that

  • love is the essence of all knowledge
  • love is the impera­tive need of the timeless self
  • only pure love will satisfy us

When we learn the process of trans­forming ordinary love into divine love, our search for peace and happiness is realized, we become free, whole, peaceful, and the highest version of ourselves.

  • How can we love fully?
  • What is the difference between ordinary love and divine love?
  • How do we locate where we can safely place all our love and receive full reciprocation?

Bhakti Shakti helps you explore your own nature as well as your relationship with the primary Shaktis who are embodied as the goddesses Sri Radha and Durga Maa.

Understanding the Shakti triad of yourself and these spiritual and material energies removes the veil of illusion. Then you’re able to identify the mysterious at play in your life. You can see yourself, emotions, thoughts, the nature of the world, and your Source with a liberating clarity that reveals your true purpose and brings you inner peace and fulfillment.

In the noble pursuit of claiming our true identity through an expansion of consciousness, Sri Radha provides a framework for personal evolution and a methodology that will give you a first-hand experience of your true self and these esoteric, but common sense, spiritual truths.

In this practical guide, through clear instruction, authentic Bhakti Vedanta teachings, and meditation and mantra practices, you’ll discover how you can invoke goddess Radha’s divine feminine presence in your life and experience the unbounded joy of the self and your true nature free from limitations.

You Will Learn

  • about the world’s oldest goddess traditions
  • about the two primary wisdom goddesses of yoga, their energies of spiritual growth and enlightenment, and their paths of personal transformation
  • how and why these goddesses are relevant to us today
  • about your relationship with the goddess of the material world and the goddess of the spiritual world
  • how to choose the goddess who is most able to help you
  • how to differentiate between your false material identity and your true spiritual identity
  • how Radha casts a light on your innate loving self, and beckons you to a spiritual awakening of your true identity
  • the step-by-step method to claim your spiritual identity
  • about Radha’s path of transformation through the sure path of mantra meditation
  • how mantra meditation is more powerful than incantations, spells, rituals, positive affirmation, or setting intentions
  • that the full – and charming – power of Reality is divine love
  • that, as love personified, Sri Radha stands supreme above all forms of divinity
  • the brilliant metaphysical conclusion that pure love subjugates all including the Supreme
  • the Supreme Reality is not a he or a she, but they: the feminine and masculine divinities at the zenith of Reality who engage in the dance of divine love
  • the feminine has conquered the supreme masculine by love, which puts her in the most exalted position at the central topmost pinnacle of a loving reality

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