Bhakti Art Illuminations


A Compilation of Devotional Artwork

Featuring the works of Syamarani(Jadurani) dasi.

Allow yourself to be transported into the Spiritual world. Find here every single artwork that Jadurani has painted fully on her own, or in collaboration with other artists. This comprehensive anthology displays the devotional art-works of Jadurani (Syamarani) dasi in the context of the personal stories, teachings, and meditations that inspired their creation. Weaving together hundreds of paintings, including detailed close-ups, this luxurious volume presents half a century of her artistic and spiritual development. Opening this book gives the reader an opportunity to bathe the intellect in universal truths and awaken the soul to pure transcendental senses and emotions.

Readers require no prior base of knowledge to unlock the pro-found mysteries within the art. Bhakti Art Illuminations reveals the philosophic and esoteric aspects of the work, with an in-depth analysis vis-a-vis the ancient Vedic scriptures they elucidate, such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Srimad-Bhagavatam, as well as classic poems and songs in the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition.

Each painting has its individual meaning, as well as its contextual meaning in relation to a greater body of work. The art in each gallery highlights stories (true histories), teachings, meditations, and secrets.

The stories accompanying the art are taken directly from authentic Vedic and Gaudiya Vaisnava scriptures. Some of the most prominent teachings transmitted through the stories are spotlighted, while others are only hinted at. The meditations are alluded to through verses, kirtanas, or prayers that are the basis of the paintings. Many of the secrets, the deeper meanings of the paintings, are also revealed herein.

Included is a glimpse into to the artist’s creative process, detailing the stages of a painting’s development from start to finish, including letters and conversations with her spiritual teachers.

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The images herein reveal the hidden, inconceivable spiritual world – beckoning readers on an enchanting journey of discovery. Drawing extensively from the Vedic literary heritage of ancient India, the devotional artwork in “Bhakti Art Illuminations” is comprised of mystical, historical, and allegorical subjects. Gently initiating a revolution in consciousness, these include compelling, easy-to-understand depictions of complex philosophical themes, as well as inspirational life histories of saints and yogis, and incarnations and associates of Krsna, throughout the many cycles of ages.

Other themes portray the grandeur and breath-taking acts of heroism and valor enacted by the kings and queens and heroes and heroines who walked onto the stage in the remote recesses of pre-history. Still other themes portray Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who made His advent 500 years ago, along with His eternal personal associates. All themes exemplify and embody the highest of ideals that are increasingly yearned for in this modern age.

Inside you’ll find – conversations with the artist’s self-realized spiritual masters, along with some of their letter exchanges – an inter-view with the artist as well as descriptions and examples of her creative process – colorful charts – samples of associate and contemporary bhakti artists, along with some of their collaborative works – and more.

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