In this follow-up to their celebrated CD-book Darshan, Rasa’s Union CD is elaborately repackaged, illustrated by Kim Waters and some of India’s finest contemporary artists. Bhajan ncludes in-depth information about these beautiful Bengali devotional songs and the tradition they spring from, with emphasis on transcendental sound vibration. Also included are song translations and transliterations, an artists’ interview, biographies and articles on the tradition of devotional chanting and the people who bring it to life.

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Inspired by the ancient culture of India, singer Kim Waters and instrumentalist Hans Christian rediscover sacred Sanskrit chants and Bengali devotional songs in their second album as Rasa. Combining traditional and modern elements, their music reflects an unearthly beauty and invokes a mood of transcendent joy. Words, photos, and sound all combine in this unique photographic and musical essay of devotional songs and philosophy.

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