Behind Every Lesson there is a Wonderful Journey

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Another jewel like book from the treasure house of Peter Burwash’s motivational accomplishments. This time he is revealing a lot about his own personal life.


In Behind Every Lesson There is a Wonderful Journey, Peter Burwash shows us how he took advantage of one the most important success keys to create an extraordinary life.

The open secret that Peter reveals is that every successful person took the time to gather lessons from other successful people and imbibe those lessons.

Parents, friends, teachers, employers, famous athletes, politicians, movie stars/ producers, comedians, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs all helped the author through word and deed to transform his life. Peter retraces the pivotal encounters he had with those who helped him rise from obscure beginnings in eastern Canada to become a top international tennis pro, an internationally sought after motivational speaker, the CEO of Peter Burwash Inernational (PBI), a worldwide tennis management company, and a successful author, husband, and father.

In his humble and genuine style the author gives the reader a treasure house of wisdom. Some lessons are directly from his long and impressive list of mentors and some lessons are his personal realizations earned by working for decades to transform his own life both externally and internally. All are valuable gems for your taking.

Peter Burwash, when he was younger, he was a professional champion tennis player, great athlete, was known for his tremendous agility and also his high morals and values. Because in the old days, sages, saints and scholars were the people who would influence the masses. But today it is athletes, movie stars, and movie actresses. And usually they don’t have the same values.

Peter Burwash met Srila Prabhupada in 1970 with the help of HH Mukunda Goswami maharaj and Sri Rameswar prabhu, and they brought him in to see Prabhupada and on several occasions they met, sometimes speaking for hours and hours at a time – just the two of them. The privilege that hardly any of Prabhupada’s direct disciples had ever had. And he inquired from Srila Prabhupada how to organize his life as a Grihastha, wife, children, working in the business world, as a celebrity. And Srila Prabhupada carefully, comprehensively explained him in great detail the values, morals and even various ways of being successful on the basis of those principles – the principles of pure Krishna consciousness. And from that time, 39 years later, he has been living by these principles.

Now he is one of the most sought after inspirational speakers in the world. He travels about 300,000 miles a year. And he travels to all continents, all over America, Europe, Australia, NewZealand. And he is usually asked to speak to government officials, heads of state, CEOs, he regularly speaks at the many of fortune 500 companies, to the highest management system of those people – speaking values, speaking inspiration and amazingly, in his own special way, he is presenting to them Prabhupada’s teachings. And they don’t even know it. He has been invited to the largest festival in America every year – festival of inspiration. And every year, he is the keynote speaker for the whole festival. When he speaks nothing else goes on, everyone else speaks there are about 4 other speakers at the same time. The room is filled with devotees from all over the world and when he speaks I can tell you people are thrilled people’s hairs are standing on end and when he speaks about Prabhupada almost everybody is crying in gratitude and he always gets the longest standing ovation of the year. He is a tremendous speaker because he always believes in his heart of hearts what he is saying and he is saying on behalf of Prabhupada and Krishna and he is really an example which I believe is so critical of a person who never lived in a temple – a person who is working very very integrally with the secular world. A person who in his experiences with ISKCON at different times has been sorrowfully disappointed sometimes even horrified but because of his love for Srila Prabhupada he has remained totally completely faithful to Prabhupada and ISKCON and also how he is living his life in such a way with such profound faith in Krishna and applying those principles to life.

Every year he goes with his daughters to Vrindavan on pilgrimage and his daughter’s their favorite thing in life is feeding the Vrajavasis Prasad. Now for Americans this is quite rare usually videogames and sports and all these things but these are the values he has inculcated.

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