Balarama Mridanga Drum, Yellow Large


A mridanga is a traditional Bengali clay drum, used to accompany devotional bhajans and kirtans. Very intricate rhythms can be performed by the expert players. This mridanga has a body made of high quality fiberglass and is unbreakable, unlike clay. All the other parts, including heads, bumpers and straps can be replaced. The drum can last a lifetime. Includes a tuning key. Limited supply, handmade in USA.

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One of the most essential, easy to play instruments of classic Vedic music, the mrdanga has been played for thousands of years. This sturdy fiberglass “Balarama” brand mrdanga is made in Los Angeles in the traditional style, but of modern elements constructed to withstand even the most exuberant playing. Heads can be tightened with hex screws (hex wrench included). Comes complete with durable strap, heads, and rubber bumper rings.

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