Ayurvedic Astrology: Self-healing through the Stars


This book presents the main astrological factors behind health, both physical and mental, according to the Vedic vision of the unity of the human being and the cosmos. It emphasizes the special typologies of both Vedic systems, combining the doshic (mind-body) constitutions of Ayurveda with the planetary types of Vedic astrology.

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Frawley’s Ayurvedic astrology is the perhaps the best resource available for pratitioners of Jyotish or Ayurveda who are seeking ways to integrate these two Vedic sciences into a coherent system of true multi-dimensional healing. Few texts go into such depth when discussing these two systems, and Frawley also helps lift Ayurveda and Jyotish above the mundane level allowing the reader to glimpse a true vision of Cosmic healing. For any practioner or student of Ayurveda or Jyotish

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