Ayurveda for Women: A guide to Vitality and Health


The book outlines the basic principles of Ayurveda making readers to understand their own physiological and psychological make-up, and the qualities in themselves and in their environment which promote a state of health or ill-health. It further explores the physical, emotional and spiritual realities which are unique to women. Focusing on the modern woman’s need to heal and empower her body, mind and spirit in a fast-moving world.


This fascinating new book:

1) Explains the principles of a system of complementary medicine that is rapidly gaining in popularity
2) Offers practical advice to women of all ages on applying those principles in everyday life
3) Provides essential reading for all women interested in maintaining good health—physical, mental and spiritual—through simple, natural methods and complementary therapies.

This book aims to help women fulfil their potential through living healthy and happy lives.

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