Are You Connected?


The basic pronciple of life is: The better connected you are to yourself, the better connected you will be to the world around you and the better your life will be.

In this book, the monk Acharya Venugopal shares the different tools, skills and experiences needed to help one feel loved and connected to one’s own self, the people who matter and to God. Highlighting the need to go deeper into the meaning and purpose of life, Acharya offers skills to achieve peace of mind and to live in harmony with our true selves. In simple, anecdotal style, he helps us with our relationships with others-friends, family and colleagues. It emphasizes on sharing mutual success and growing with care and compassion. Are You Connected? is a mantra to a successful life of happiness.

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As a monk at the ISKCON, Swami Venugopal Acharya (whose spiritual name is Vraja Bihari dasa) pent eighteen years living with 100-plus people in a small monastery, he spent fifteen years counseling students, families, the elderly and children, and spent time observing and learning from the myriad problems facing a 4000-member community made up of various cultures. He has an honours degree in economics, a Masters degree in international finance and an MBA in finance. He worked for an investment bank and, since 1999, has been a teacher and a counselor. He travels around the world and puts together his thoughts on

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