Answers to 5 Questions of Life


We are not the mind or the intelligence but rather something higher, something beyond body, mind, and intelligence.


This book, fundamental teachings of Krishna consciousness, is a combination of five articles based on answers to the most important questions of our lives. These crucial questions are not new, but generally people are not interested to know the answers. Of course, there are some who do not even think about these questions. Then there are some who know these questions but are indifferent to the answers. The fundamental teachings of Krishna consciousness are based on answers tot these very important questions of life. A truly intelligent person will be inquisitive to learn the answer to them in order to improve the quality of their life. This book will lead readers from the first steps of self-realization to the end. This book will give you answers to the most important questions of life: Who am I? Where am I? Who is God? What is the goal of life? How do I reach that goal? They will be of great benefit to your happiness.

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