Animals in Vedas Vol.1


A wonderful new production coming out of Golden Age media. A children book, where every story has some moral values conveyed to take strong hold in the tender heart of the children and accompanying activities and exercises in order for these values to sink deeper.

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Children of today’s world don’t have it so easy. Since their early childhood they are exposed to too much technology, too many gadgets, too much television, too much computer and computer games etc.

This book is a collection of various stories from different sources. Each story is beautifully illustrated and accompanied with appropriate morals to impart to children. Each story has also some simple activities at the end. If children imbibe the morals conveyed in this book, their lives will be one of dharma, truth,love and joy


1. The ungrateful goldsmith

2. Garuda and the sparrow

3. A change of Heart

4. The snake and the crows

5. The hunter and the pigeons

6. Nimai’s puppy

7. Final exercise

Suitable for children from 3 age.


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