Ancient Wisdom for Modern Ignorance


This anthology takes a deep look at India’s sacred culture, interfacing it with today’s world–its environmental crisis, sexuality, diet, economics, socio-political structure, music, medicine, and more, factoring the essence of sacred culture into the equation of contemporary life. Further chapters dealing with spiritual experience include illuminating discussions on compassion, mysticism, and ecstasy.

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We want to be happy; we want to love. We are starving for feeling, a feeling that merely having does not fulfill. Eastern philosophy, and the devotional heart of India’s Vedanta in particular, can fill the empty shopping bag of our Western accomplishments. And when it has done so, we will not feel that we have been conquered, rather we will feel liberated from the oppression that the prevailing yet faltering scientific industrial paradigm fosters.

This book was written with a view to address the quality of our lives. The chapters draw heavily on India’s ancient spiritual heritage of theistic Vedanta, interfacing with our times. This interface should prove useful for those who are already discouraged with the direction humanity is heading as well as for those who still hold fast to ideas that have seen better days.

For those now disenchanted with industrialization and scientific materialism as well as pseudo¬≠spirituality, India’s ancient spiritual heritage provides a rich alternative. Those who continue to subscribe to materialistic dogma, having written off the spiritual out of frustration, will find in these articles a formidable challenge to their world-view. It is a challenge well-reasoned, much unlike that which is offered by the materially compromised spiritual West.

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