Ancient Teachings, Modern Perspectives: Collected Essays


Sravaniya DiPecoraro has a knack for simplifying esoteric subjects and making them more accessible to the inquisitive seeker. Whether in the fields of yoga philosophy and the science of self realization, or tarot divination, psychological astrology or related metaphysical disciplines, her writing is based on the practical application of authentic information from reliable sources. Illuminated with anecdotes and examples from decades of work, Sravaniya shares her extensive study and experience with her readers and brings the incomprehensible within reach. “During years of work in Hong Kong, teaching yoga on the one hand and studying on the other (in between eating-sleeping-and classes), quite a pile of notes and realizations accumulated. I considered that perhaps some of them may provide insights for other spiritual seekers — those among us who want to understand life and make sense of this world, or who want to make their way to ultimate peace and happiness. So it is that I’ve decided to share some of my writings. A few of these essays mention or explain in detail the concepts of yoga ethics — yama and niyama. Some of the pieces herein have been published in local Hong Kong magazines, a few are interviews. The websites noted may or may not be currently available. Things have changed a lot since the new age movement first took off here in the 1990s.” “The sages and great thinkers have our best interests at heart,” says Sravaniya. “My purpose in presenting these essays is not to tell anyone what to think. It is to create an experience wherein one can begin to understand what it is he thinks, and to either verify or disprove those assumptions based on sacred scriptural evidence. This enables one to expand his understanding based, not on imagination, but on true knowledge.”

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Sravaniya devi dasi was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has become vegetarian at the age of seventeen and began studying Indian and Chinese classics to understand consciousness and reality. She has been an initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupada since 1971 and has spent the next 11 years studying Sanskrit texts, travelling extensively and preaching in the US, Europe, India, Hong-Kong and Taiwan. She has been instrumental in having Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is translated into Chinese. She is an accredited yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga in hospitals, fitness clubs, offices, schools and universities in the Far east since 1983. She has also been an astrological and psychic consultant since 1991 and has appeared as an expressive speaker, story-teller and singer on many radio and television programs. Her pockets are filled up with many credits in the spiritual sphere and this book is yet another brownie point in her wide tapestry of beautiful flowers, that she is always offering to her spiritual master. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband.

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