Ananda Vrndvana Campu (Bhanu Swami)


Sri Krsna enacts two types of pastimes: manifest and unmanifest. With the description of Radha and Krsna swing festival, I, Kavi karnapura, the crest jewels of rasikas, conclude the book entitled Ananda Vrndvana Campu, which parallels the Vrndavana pastimes of the Lord described in the Srimad Bhagavatam. I have not described the Bhagavatam chapters about the Gopis Song in Separation, the killing of Arista and Kesi, the coming of Akrura, and Entering the Arena of Kamsa because I consider them unsuitable to the sweet mood of madhurya Vrndvana.
– Ananda Vrndvana Campu


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