Altar Your Space: A Guide to the Restorative Home

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Jagatjoti Khalsa says that sacred furnishings — like beautiful pieces sculpted by human hands from real wood, colorful textiles imbued with spirit and purpose — should be the foundation of a home’s décor. Drawing inspiration from the East and utilizing a team of Indian craftspeople and artisans, Khalsa suggests simple ways to fill the home with spirit-infused decorations. Using examples from his bold work for Sharon Stone, Joely Fisher, Adrienne Brody, Shiva Rae, and others, Khalsa demonstrates how to make any living space, whether kitchen, child’s playroom, home office, or the entire house, more spiritual. Engaging text and 150 color photographs help readers imagine and implement the creative possibilities of such items as antique Chinese wagon wheels, silk bedding, Tara statues, Asian pine tables made from 300-year-old railroad ties, antique screen doors, and Kela vine bedding. Altar Your Space shows how small changes and a new perspective can make any home a true haven for personal growth and joy.


Jagatjoti’s book Altar your Space is not only visually beautiful, uplifting and inspiring– it touches the reader beyond the mind and reaches into the Heart. With his wise and humorous anecdotes he weaves the reader through a warm, bright expansive space called Life.
This way of living involves not only extending into our space from our hearts but teaches us how to manifest peace and beauty in our homes in the way that is most natural–and uplifting– to us. I highly recommend this book to whoever wants to discover how to connect to the Sacred in the details of Living. To those who want to honor that through the expression of beauty, Love and joy, every day, this book is a must.

This book presents a guide to creating a peaceful living space “that truly reflects and expresses who you are.” While he does address the literal incorporation of altars into one’s home, the focus is on turning your home into “a sanctuary for the body, heart and soul of you and your family.” Khalsa returns again and again to the idea of self-reflection and listening to one’s inner voice (“At some point you may feel intuitively drawn to certain colors, tones, images…”), a valid but frustratingly obtuse point. Specifics are sparse: Khalsa includes few of his clients’ goals (whose homes appear in photographs) and little information on choosing elements or room composition. What it lacks in detail, the book makes up for in abundant, lush photography; heavy on Tibetan, Chinese and Indian furnishings-there are multiple statues of Hindu and Buddhist gods, ornately carved beds, bureaus and dressers and rich, vibrant fabrics-these gorgeous full-color images will prove useful for anyone considering an Eastern approach to home decor.

One customer writes: “While I did not think I was looking help at home the richness of the photographs and colors drew me into this book. Almost 30 minutes later, I had to purchase this book. One of those photography books in which the brilliant images bring you in but the sage and engaging writing style had me stay awake all night feeling as if this writer had opened my head and extracted everything I had ever felt but by no means could articulate or even know that I thought these things. I loved this book and with some simple changes, trials and efforts around my house, I look at my home much differently and more importantly, I feel different at home. Its promise to help me make my home feel more restorative was delivered. When I arrive home each night, it is like I have arrived at a perfect oasis. I highly recommend it.”

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