Aindra Kirtan Revolution


“In order to understand Aindra Prabhu,” remarked one his godbrothers, “first you have to love him.” And to love Aindra, first you must know him. In Aindra: Kirtan Revolution, the reader hears Aindra’s story through his own words and through the words and perspectives of his family, friends, followers, and associates. The book tracks Aindra from his childhood on a farm in the Blue Run Mountains of Virginia through his early days in Washington D.C, his temple on wheels in New York City, and his years of service as temple pujari and leader of the 24-hour kirtan in ISKCON’s Krishna-Balaram Mandir, to his final Vrindavan pastimes.

“Wake up, prabhus! Everyone wake up!” Aindra wrote. “It is time for revolution-a revolution of consciousness!” “I beseech you again and again,” he urged devotees in Varshana in 2009, “Please remember: Worldwide ISKCON grassroots Worldwide ISKCON grassroots nāma-saṅkīrtana revolution! . . . You have to allow every day to be a festival. Then your heart is in the right place.”

Join the D.C. and New York devotees, the Krishna-Balaram 24-hour kirtan crew, and devotees worldwide in an Aindra festival-“chanting, dancing, feasting, and philosophy.” Take it into your heart and realize his words: “For me, the festival never ends.”

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