Agni Purana (stories from)


Stories from the Agni Purana

Author: Purnaprajna Dasa

Agni Purana is one of the eighteen major Puranas and is one of the Puranas meant for those in the mode of goodness. This is clear from the fact that on practically every page the fact that Lord Visnu is devadeva, or the Lord of all other lords. He is the supreme objective of all spiritual practices and devotion unto Him is the practice the qualifies one for libration from material existence. This is especially evidenced by how Agni Purana especially talks about the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra and Lord Krsna. And at the end there is a nice summary of the Bhagavad-gita spoken by Lord Krsna. In this Purana there are very few stories, unlike the other Purana which are full of stories. Because of this, you will find few stories in this telling of the highlights from the Agni Purana. Instead of innumerable histories, in this Purana there are vast description of countless holy places of pilgrimage and the practices to be engaged in while visiting them. And there are very extensive treatises on astrology, dreams, Sanskrit grammar and pronunciation, the military science, and medicine. Considering this, those who might be interested in astrology or Ayur-veda could consult the original texts if they can also find someone to accurately translate them.

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