A Vedic Life – The Practical Philosophy of Nature


Pavan Kumar is a rare author who has actually studied the various Vedic teachings in a traditional setting and practiced them for a number of years. For those wanting a good introduction to the greater Yoga/Vedic tradition and its most important applications, this is a very helpful boo and one that communicates to both the east and west.”

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The Vedic tradition is not unique in its open approach to knowledge, but it is perhaps the deepest and oldest such system. Amongst other areas this book looks at the strength and weaknesses of the approach presently adopted by modern science, especially in comparison to the Vedic approach to science.The first part of the book related more to the universal factors of philosophy and cosmology. It forms the basis of the second part, which is an application of the first part at the level of the individual, and includes topics such as science, art, medicine and self-investigation.

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