A Treatise On Indian Astrology


From the very dawn of humanity, man has been curious about his future. Thus, astrology evolved as a distinct science. The beginning of astrology is rooted in the ancient times, when man looked at the stars and correlated his activities to the movements of planets.

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The results of the planetary positions have been given in this book only after synthesising all the results, as mentioned in the different classics, and modifying the same to suit the present times. The book also contains a chapter giving the results of planets in different signs/houses for different ascendants. Such a description of the results of planetary positions, which takes into consideration all the relevant parameters of astrology, is available in no other book on this subject. In short, the book is a dependable self-instructor, which can teach the budding astrologer all the basics of Indian astrology.

This book is truly a treatise on Indian astrology. It is one of the few books that gives the results of grahas in each bhava for different lagnas. The comments on remedies are really good and will help people avoid the trap of many astrologers prescribing arcane remedies. The concept of Tropical and Sidereal zodiac is also beautifully explained.

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