A Transcendental Diary, Volume 5, Soft


An insider’s look into the life of a pure devotee of the Lord. Seen through the eyes of his personal servant, Srila Prabhupada comes alive in this transcendental diary of his travels through India.


This is the fifth of five volumes, covering the period from October 1976 – December 1976. It deeply describes Srila Prabhupada’s visits to Aligarh, New Delhi, and Chandigarh, as well as extended repose at ISKCON’s Krishna-Balarama Mandir in Sri Vrndavan-dhama. Hari Sauri Prabhu was a personal servant of Srila Prabhupada for a period of sixteen months, from late November 1975 to the end of March 1977. So we might well be prepared for a sixth volume that covers the last few months of his intensive service to His Divine Grace.

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