A New Look at Past Lives


Most books presently available are concerned with proving past lives to be a fact, or with dismissing the idea of reincarnation altogether. Few explore in depth the question of why there are other lives. What are we really here for?

The idea of “past lives” can be better expressed as “other lives.” Once we move beyond the present time-frame, time does not appear as linear and chronological, but rather as a spiral that is all around us with everything happening at once. From the centre of the spiral, anything can be accessed and drawn into “present” life. Deja Who? explores the nature of time, the between life states (with reference to the Tibetan Bardo and Egyptian Book of the Dead) “future” lives, as well as seeming “past” lives.

Deja Who? is the first book that accepts reincarnation and yet questions the validity of some recalled past lives. As a Karmic Counsellor and Regression Therapist, the author has taken many hundreds of people into “other lives” and is convinced that some of these were indeed “past lives,” but by no means all. Many people apparently regress to the same past life personality (usually someone famous). Others to specific historical groups. Sometimes it sounds like a “Who was Who” soap opera! The same old faces appear time after time, King Arthur and his court, Egyptian Pharaohs, The Taj Mahal group as well as surprising personages like Judas, bringing up contemporary issues of betrayal. Deja Who? also explores in depth possible explanations such as collective memory, cryptamnesia, soul groups, accessing the Akashic Records and imprinting, and looks at the validity and relevance of past lives in this context.

When in regression, people also experience lives that are symbolic and allegoric, rather than actual “truth” but this does not make them any less valuable — if they are understood rightly. The book explores how this information can heal and expand the present life.

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