Message to our customers

Dear Friends and Wellwishers

Durbuy, January 2017

Hare Krishna Everyone, Happy New Year.

With the encouragement and support of some devotees, we launched this new feel and look of our website. The purpose is simply our ardent desire to serve you better and more efficiently. Thank you all for being kind to us and allowing us to serve you in this way.  Gratitude has filled our hearts. We hope and we pray that this new year will bring many new shifts in our ability to reach you faster and with more dedicated approach than ever before. We wish you all the very best and look forward to hear from you soon.

Your aspiring servants from BLS


Durbuy, August 2016

Hare Krishna dear All

It is happening again – we are again upgrading our website. It feels that we are always trying to catch the time. It has become a little bit over our ability to maintain our old website due to the fact that the programs we used was a “Ferrari style”, which even-though a free software, it pretty hard on maintenance. It was brilliant and we loved it, but we didn’t know how to keep the upgrades going and keep the site free of bugs. We didn’t have a dedicated programmer who would be able to work for us. So we have moved to another platform and created this new look and feel of our site. Please bless us that we can serve you even better and more dedicated, that we can make it easier for you, our dear customers, and that we can diminish the processing time of each order.  We are trying hard to please you with our endeavours. Please stay with us on this journey. 

Your aspiring servants from BLS


Durbuy, February 2014

Hare Krishna dear Devotees

Yees, I know,  it has been a while since we wrote to you some updates from our side. I couldn’t believe when I checked this page that the last entry was so long ago. Time goes fast, actually runs, or shall we say flies fast. Please forgive us for not writing as often as you would deserve to be updated. But the fact that we didn’t communicate with you doesn’t mean that we didn’t do anything, or that we have forgotten about you. Contrary so, we have been and are continually being very busy to serve you better and better. At least we aspire to do that. Or motto is : We live to serve! and even if it is a sparrow-like morsels of service, we are trying our best.  Our team in the distribution part of Bhaktivedanta  Library Services has diminished over the years and now it is solely taken care of by one devotee, who is doing everything on her own (order processing, warehousing, accounting, web updates, packing and distribution). Why? Because everyone else is fully engaged in developing Vanipedia. So you can imagine, sometimes she can be very busy. 🙂

So first things first. We are starting to look for a part-time helper in BLS. If any devotee would be interested and inspired to be part of our team, please feel welcome to write to us. We can discuss details of what it would mean for each side and how we could  go about to serve together the growing community of vaisnava devotees.

Regarding our website, we have recently managed to make an upgrade of the online software and  update of the skin of the frontpage. The old skin wasn’t supported in this new software upgrade, so eventhough we have liked the old look of the site, we had to get a new skin. You might have noticed some small esthetical changes. We have tied to bring it as close to the old one as possible, but inevitably some changes are there. we hope that you all can get used to it and start to appreciate it also. We will do the same 🙂

In regards to the search field on this site, at the moment it is a little bit indisposed. Somehow when searching in the search field, the software is searching through the whole site, including the short and full descriptions, so it may happen that you will get a long list of products as a result. We are working on fixing this, please bare with us. A word of advice in this regard is that you keep the search terminology as short and precise as possible in order to get the exact product that you are looking for. We hope and pray that we will not loose too many frustrated customers in the meantime due to this shortcoming. We apologize in advance. Hope you will give us another chance to serve you in the future. 

We would like to thank all the devotees who have and are allowing us to serve them. Bhaktivedanta Library Services has been born as a child of the mission and will remain so. Vanipedia took birth through BLS and is also growing, yet still very much dependant on the generated income of BLS. That’s why our gratitude goes to all those who have stayed faithful to support us and believe in us. We stay committed and ready to be here for all of you. 

Thank you very much. 

We remain your aspiring servants . 


Durbuy, October 7th 2011

Hare Krishna to all
We would like to update you with the status of our “new” site, as it is nearly one year since the launch.  We have received many positive encouragements from you over the last year, which keeps us very inspired to continue making our services to you more efficient and better. The year has been filled with many wonderful events, as well as challenges. We have been diligently working on updating the product descriptions of each item and linking them together with similar products for easy orientation. Even though this seems a very easy process, we experienced that it actually is taking longer than we initially thought. The reason for that is a fact that we actually have only one person who is doing that and she is already busy with the developments of many other areas. It doesn’t mean however that the site is not functional, yes it is. In fact it works very well and it is very practical. We are very happy that we have made the decision for this new upgrade. But it is not in such a pristine condition yet, as we would like it to be.Therefore we beg you for your continued patience with us. We are committed to serve you to our best abilities, always.

We remain your aspiring servants

from BLS, Belgium


Durbuy, November 12th 2010

Welcome to our updated website.

For many years we have thought of improving it,  and thus improving our service to you. We are happy to say that we have done it.   This revamped site, will offer better communications, more functionalities and flexibility. We are launching this new site a  little prematurely, but it is more easy to keep updating one site rather than two.  Please bare with us if you find some hickups on the way.  Still a lot to improve, but we are working on it.  Step by step.

BLS has been offering service to the vaisnava communities since 1988 and even though we are small and unqualified we always want to increase the quality of our service. We would like to thank all our customers for your patience and continued support on our common journey of service to Srila Prabhupada and all the devotees.

If you have any comments or feedback, we are happy to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our motto remains: “We live to serve.” And we hope we can live up to it.

Wishing you all success
We remain your aspiring servants

from BLS, Belgium

P.S.  For returning customers we have transferred your existing data so you can use your old passwords for entering the site. We would only like to ask you to go first to your profile in “My account” (top right corner of the site) and update any data that are not correct or missing, just in case they didn’t get imported properly. See you soon.