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Account info

We have imported the accounts of all the existing clients along with their passwords registered on the old website into this new one. The new customers can create their account very easily. When you register an account with us, most of your information stays in our system for easy reference. This means you don’t have to fill in all the same information every time you place an order. If you want to change your account information such as your billing address, phone number, or email address, do this before you place your next order by signing in to your account and clicking on the ‘edit info’ link. If you forgot your password, you can click on the lost password link to have it sent to you. Or you can email or call and we can reset your password for you.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer different shipping options for the customers. They are all charged at cost and specific for each order. We use the facilities of GLS within the EU for large packages and we use the services of the Deutsche Post for smaller packages and packages destined outside of EU. Deutsche Post has allianze with DHL, which combines the efficiency of DHL and cost-effectivness of Deutsche Post. All packages sent via GLS and DHL part of the Deutsche Post are also trackable online. Packages sent via nonregistered way have no trackable option and thus we have to wait till they appear on either side. We generally do not loose packages, but offer no guarantees on those orders which are sent nonregistered once they leave our shipping facility. Due to the vast variety of shipping options for different destinations, it is hard for us to standardise the shipping charge. Therefore, we still offer personal and individual option for you to choose at checkout, where the postage will be calculated according to the order. We then contact you within 24 hours with the options you have. We make every attempt to comply with the destination country’s shipping rules and policies. Some items cannot be shipped to international destinations. Taxes, tarrifs, and duty fees are the responsibility of the receiver; we cannot estimate or pre-pay any of these fees. Please allow enough time before contacting us regarding a lost package. We will be only able to locate registered lost packages with the shipper once the package is reasonably late.

HARMONIUMS – In regards to shipping harmoniums, we do our utmost best to assure safe and happy delivery. Our harmoniums are packaged in such a way that the damage in transport is practically impossible. The goods should be examined immediately after delivery by the customer or an authorized individual to detect any  transportation damages. Detectable transportation damages are to be reported without delay in written form with the delivery person. Packaging damages are to be confirmed in written form by the transportation company upon delivery. Delayed claims from transportation damage are not accepted by us.

After you got your harmonium, we grant you the right to try it out at home at leisure for 14 days. After these 14 days it is time to make your decision: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply send it back to us – undamaged, without traces of usage and only in the ORIGINAL PACKAGING. We will refund your full price of the harmonium, immediately after receiving the return shipment. All you have to pay in this case is the shipping costs. While the purchase is in your custody, you are fully liable for it. If we find any impairment after receiving your return shipment, we have the right to charge you for it. This charge can be deducted from your refund. Please inform us in advance before sending any return shipment! And please feel free to ask for our advice regarding safe packaging and good shipping agents! Beyond the 14 days trial period we are open to individual arrangements for return or exchange of items – after all it’s your satisfaction that we really care for! Extended longer trial periods can be arranged individually upon request.

1. Defects or other damages owing to faulty or inappropriate handling, unsuitable packaging or shipment, the use of inappropriate accessories or an alteration of the original components by  the customer or by a third party not authorized by us, are not protected by warranty.

2. Naturally occurring signs of wear are equally excluded from warranty protection.

3. Should the customer accept the  goods or commissioned wares despite prior knowledge of deficiencies, warranty rights only exist to the extent described below, if the customer reserves these rights expressly and in written form directly after having received the delivery.

4. The warranty period for new objects shall be two years. The period shall commence upon transfer of risk. The warranty period for used objects shall be one year.

Privacy & Security

Our site is certified secure. With most browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, etc), you can see that throughout our checkout process, the ‘SSL secure’ icon is active and will give you complete certification info.If for any reason you don’t wish to enter your payment information while placing your order online, you can still finalize your order (choose check/money order option), and then contact us by phone, email, or mail to complete your payment step.We do not share, sell, rent, or lease our customers’ information with anyone for any reason. If you wish to be removed from our customer database or our eNewsletter list, contact us and we will remove you immediately.

Returns & Replacements

We are committed to your satisfaction with our products and our customer service. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item, unopened (with any seals and shrink-wrap intact) and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item minus a 10% restocking fee. We reserve the right to refuse returns or to charge you our fees and expenses if the product is received otherwise than in accordance with this requirement. We can only accept the return of opened items if they are faulty. Please return within seven days for replacement and we will replace or refund you as soon as possible. MP3 Downloads cannot be returned after purchase. If you are experiencing an issue with an MP3 download from us, please contact us. Voluntary refunds and replacement requests will also be treated with the same respect. Other non-returnable items include food items (such as sweet balls) and incense and resins. If you have questions about any of these items, please contact us for assistance. On voluntary returns, the customer is responsible for return postage. On returns due to damaged/defective merchandise, or when the wrong item was shipped, return postage is credited to your account for future purchases if they are returned to us within the period of seven days. After this period we cannot guarantee the refund. Please package your return order appropriately. Items damaged during return shipping due to improper packaging cannot be accepted as ‘original unused condition’. If shipping your return by mail/post, please use this address:

BLS, Petite Somme 2, 6940 Durbuy, Belgium

In all cases of dissatisfaction, please contact us regarding your return to be sure to receive the appropriate credit, exchange, or refund. Unless otherwise arranged, use only standard rates of shipping your return. You will not receive credit or refunds for expedited shipping rates.If you have any questions about returns on specific items, or to initiate a return, please contact us right away.

Final note on returns and packaging – Please take care to properly pack your goods to be reshipped. Particularly for fragile goods, like, e.g. musical instruments, very thorough packaging is urgently advised in order to avoid damage in transit. The packaging should be robust on the outside, absorb knocks and shocks and secure the goods inside its shipping carton. Please pack the goods for reshipping using the same material and in the same way as you received them from us. Reshipment in inappropriate packaging is considered as gross negligence and leads to you being liable for possible damage in transit.


We accept orders placed on the site, via email, phone, skype, whatsapp or letter. We are committed to serve you to the best of our abilities and to your full satisfaction. If you know we have something but are having difficulty finding it online, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • 1) We may be out of stock. You can call or email to find out when we will have more in stock, and to put an item on backorder or notification for you.
  • 2) Check your search words. Try broader search terms (fewer words) if you get no search results, or narrow your search if you get too many results. Also look at your spelling. There are many popular variations of spellings for Sanskrit, Bengali, and Hindi words and titles. We try to standardize our spelling, and allow for the more common variations, but sometimes don’t cover all of them.
  • 3) We might not have it anymore or yet. If you think we should carry something that we do not have (or don’t have anymore), let us know you want it. We’re here to support your Krishna conscious lifestyle.

We are also happy to send gifts for your friends or create gift vouchers in any value.

Pricing & Promotions

Our products are priced in euro (€). These prices were valid at the time of our last update. We reserve the right to change the prices if necessary. The prices quoted on this website supersede all our other previous prices. We always try to keep the prices reasonable for our customers. The prices are based on our costs and the shipping incurred to get the items to our warehouse. All prices include the tax (Value added tax), which is paid to the government on trimestre basis. The tax is 6% for the books and magazines and 21% for all other items. If you are a customer and have an international VAT registered company, we don’t have to charge this tax to you from our side. Please contact us beforehand with your VAT number, so that the invoicing documentation can be prepared properly.

Payment info

There are many ways how to accomplish the payment for your order. See below the most common ones. We also offer payment plans for large quantity orders. Please inquire, if interested.

1. Credit cards: We accept Visa and Mastercard and process them in a secure way. 

2. Bank Transfer: Our principal bank account is opened in Belgium with the following details:

Bank: BNP Paribas
Account Name: Bhaktivedanta Library Services asbl
IBAN: BE33 0019 4048 9646

For the EURO countries international bank charges no longer exist. The bank might however charge you small handling fee if you do it from their counter. Online intra-EU transfers should however go smoothly and free of all charges. If payments are made from a non EURO country there are still bank charges both at your side and at our side. Please pay these bank charges for both sides; otherwise, we receive less that is owed. Please place as much information as possible on the payment slip – your name, invoice number and client code.

3. Cash: You can send cash (hard currencies only) by post on small orders if you wish, but please remember that this is entirely at your own risk. We advise you to register such letters and mailed to:

Bhaktivedanta Library Services                   Petite Somme 2,        6940 Durbuy,            Belgium

4. Transferwise: This is a new method of payment, mostly from countries with other currencies than euro. But is proving to be a very easy and simple method of payment, considering the fact that the rate you receive from transferwise is much better than the bank rate. Below is the transferwise link to be used to sign up:

Afterwords, please follow the steps of payment on their website. You can use our bank details in our PNB Paribas bank account from payment option 1.

5. Paypal: If you have a paypal account, you can send the payment to our paypal account: [email protected]. If you decide for this option, please send it in euro and add 6% to the total amount to cover the paypal charges.
Or send it as a payment to friend and family and cover the charges from your side.

For further information please do not hesitate to call or send us an e-mail.

Orders Status

We try to keep you up to date on the status off your order as much as possible by email. If you have questions, simply email us with your order number and the name on the order, and we can give you more information. You will receive emails regarding your order, so please check your email periodically. We will contact you if items are out of stock, or your payment information needs to be updated, and to let you know when and how your order shipped.


For orders over 250 euro, excluding shipping, we offer a 5% discount. For orders over 500 euro, excluding shipping, we offer a 7.5% discount. For orders over 1,000 euro we offer a 10% discount. The discount does not apply for certain items and for items which are already discounted. The discounts are valid for PREPAID orders only.


We have a wide range of wholesale customers across the world. If you are considering to re-sell books from us, please contact us by email and we can discuss all the details.