Who Am I?



A way to understand who we really are. Sometimes the simplest truths are the most elusive to comprehend and remember.

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Have you ever wondered who you are? In this simple book is a child teaching other children something very special about ourselves. It is an exercise that can be repeated until the child has become spiritually enlightened by its simple, yet sublime lesson. A young girl, Nimisha, answers that question in this charming book for young children. With simple color photographs Nimisha explains that a person is a spirit soul and that all living entities have souls.

According the Bhagavad-Gita, the goal of the human form of life is to realize our spiritual nature and our relationship with God. This is the ancient path to peace, and prosperity, and lasting happiness. With this book, children can realize the sacred spirit within themselves as well as in every living thing around them.

How wonderful the world would be if we learned to respect all life as sacred and lived by that truth. This is not something sentimental, but something that has been realized and taught by genuine saints for many thousands of years.

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